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Seed Era (first 50 million years of the universe)

  • ~14 billion years ago: Seeding of the universe, with the information of the first Threadwielder fugitives coded into the seed, along with a good probability of a chance formation of at least one basic avatar in the first 100 million years.
  • ~35 million years after seeding: Madjan wakes and sets out to refining his avatar.
  • ~50 million years after seeding: Madjan 'breaks through' into corporeal reality and builds avatars for his fellow Threadwielders.

Threadwielder Era (13 billion - 6 billion years ago)

  • ~60 million years after seeding: Exploration of the universe begins.
  • ~500 million years after seeding: The Anigi Thread cluster is discovered, populated, and a 'habitable system' is constructed around it. For a while, the Threadwielders try to synchronise their corporeal avatars, wearing forms analoguous to their previous universe incarnation. Most universe-born Threadwielders are made in this time (most notably Jeneth, Zalaagra, Valcen and Ysikary, in that order.).
  • ~750 million years after seeding: The Threadwielder culture diversifies and partly splinters away from Anigi. A stable status quo establishes itself.
  • ~3.2 billion years after seeding: Evenatra is created. (It's not a particularly special event, she's just an important character.)
  • ~8 billion years after seeding = ~6 billion years ago: Anigi implodes. The Threadwielders that don't die (perhaps a hundred of a total population of perhaps a thousand and change, most not near Anigi at the time) scatter into the proverbial nine winds. A sizeable few of those , deeming the universe project failed - and struggling with the deaths of acquaintances - simply erase themselves.

Era of Purpose in Guidance and Creation (6 billion years ago - now)

  • ~5.9 billion years ago: Zalaagra pioneers the notion of Actually Doing Things with the universe and actively seeding it with life, paving the way for the Draconics.
  • ~~4.5 billion years ago: Jeneth and Evenetra design Earth, with Evenatra providing concepts and ideas and Jeneth the Thread. Ysikary occasionally drops by to advise on details.
  • ~66 million years ago: Disagreement as to how and whether to intervene with the next mass extinction event now that the dominant species is likely to be a hair's breadth removed from sapience drives the three Threadwielders apart. (Or, more dramatic way of putting the same event: Evenatra elopes with Ysikary because Jeneth is a meanie.) Jeneth permits them to save a few specimen to a place of their choice under the condition they don't actively bother him about it.
  • ~64 million years ago: With a generous sample of ecosystem folded over to a different point in space (this is a lot more literal than it might at first sound), Evenatra and Ysikary decide to usher in sapience (gently but steadily) in their babies.
  • ~50 million years ago: Efforts focus on two separate branches of the dominant class of creatures. Jeneth, driven by curiosity about the few fragments of communication sent out to the stars, pops by long enough to chide them for the stupid idea of trying to design two species that will be intellectual equals and predicts it will end in tears and to leave it the fuck alone. They don't listen. He decides he's had it with them.
  • ~12 million years ago: The two genera responsible for the Nayabaru and the Kavkema as they are today come to be, albeit in scarce numbers, almost simultaneously (from a Threadwielder perspective).
  • ~1 million years ago: The Nayabaru and the Kavkema attain what a Threadwielder would consider sapience: An ability and desire to intellectually dissect even the distant universe.
  • ~50 000 years ago: Immersion into their respective cultures puts Evenatra at odds with Ysikary, since the species cannot coexist peacefully on intellectual levels. For a while, the two Threadwielders simply try to occupy separate climate zones with their cultures and go out of each others' way.
  • ~20 000 years ago: In a timespan of roughly 200 years, the conflict escalates to the point that Ysikary decides to create Teranyina, no doubt never actually intending to use her to harm Evenatra, just to get her to leave and find her own planet. We know how well that plan went.
  • ~3 000 years ago: The current Nekenalos status quo has established itself: The Kavkema are near-extinct.
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