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While easily as intelligent as the Nayabaru, perhaps even slightly moreso, the kavkema do not have any critical mass to greatly drive scientific progress of their own and scavenge off what they pick up from the herbivores. Their scarce numbers and stressful circumstances have driven many kavkema to stay devout to old mythologies, though few of them would argue fervently in their favour - it's more something to keep them slightly calm when they sleep at day.

Their culture is base-democratic where they can communicate enough to organise themselves that way and anarchic otherwise. For slightly obvious reasons, they're obsessed with cryptography - the more they can communicate despite decentralised(-by-survivalist-necessity) structures, the more they know they're not alone, the more they can cling to the hope that things might get better some day.

Given her role in mythology and existence as a tangible god, Evenatra, known to them as Yrargyra, is usually followed without question - assuming she can be identified, as she does occasionally pass herself off as a regular kavkem to avoid the effect (also, honestly, as not to dilute it).

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