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The concept of the kiikama roughly translates to the human concept of demons.

There are several kiikama in kavkem mythology, but the most prominent, and the source of the name, are the pyreraptors (ekiikavkema).


The pyreraptors are black-feathered and -scaled kavkema, something that is inherently a frightening concept to the kavkema, as any kavkem of that colour would be plainly visible amongst the mountains, albeit with the thicker occurrences of feathers rendered as flames. Their eyes range from amber to blue, matching the colour of their flames. They are associated with Thumak. They cannot actually exist, though it's conceivable they were occasionally cast as illusions. These days they frequently appear to victims of Serrata.


Howlers are minor kiikama. They come in the form of intelligent, wolverine-like creatures said to stalk and harass kavkema, emitting high-pitched, incessant sounds to attract the attention of the Nayabaru. They mostly appear in mythology to haunt wounded heroes.


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